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TMECircDB (Tumor MicroEnvironment specific CircRNA DataBase) is a resource built from our integrative computational pipeline that leverages published scRNA-Seq datasets (Gene Expression Omnibus accession GSE144735 and GSE81861) and our own unique matched metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) patient cohort (Gene Expression Omnibus accession GSE221240) to model the cell-type specific expression of circular RNAs (circRNAs) in mCRC. The resource has 11,682 circRNAs predicted to have significant cell-type specific expression, including 667 that are exclusively expressed in one cell type. 361 circRNAs showed dysregulation in mCRC progression and are hence termed Circular RNAs Associated with Metastasis (CRAMS). We hope this transcriptomic and statistical analysis will serve as a resource for evaluating the cell-type specificity circRNAs that could aide future mechanistic studies exploring their function in cancer. Here we provide a searchable database of our results as well as downloads of all supplementary tables. For scripts and steps used to generate the data, please visit



Tissue Type and CircRNA Name Key 

Normal Colon Tissue
Primary Colorectal Tumor
Distant Liver Metastasis
​*CircRNA IDs are unique identifiers assigned to each circRNA in the format of
“chromosome|start position|end position|strand|number of exons|type of circRNA|gene name|transcript ID|exon indices”
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